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Day 6

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A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their sixth day of recovery

From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 6. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.

Tonsillectomy Day 6 Scabs bleeding! : I can only eat popsicles.  That is all.
Tonsillectomy Recovery Forum
Tonsillectomy Day 6 : Knives in the throat. Splitting earache. Huge uvula. …Gurgle

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : At 5:30am, I started to panic because I coughed a lot and when I spit up some saliva in a tissue (which I have a habit of doing to see if there is any blood); I saw a slight hue of red. RED=BLOOD! So, of course I got nervous. After drinking some water, I tasted some blood but I didn’t see anymore and I was able to swallow with a bit more ease. It wasn’t the full scab that came off, but a piece of the scab on the right side. When I woke up, I drank water and felt a burst of pain in my ear and stinging in my throat for a couple minutes. When I brushed my teeth this morning, there was a little more blood when I spit into the sink, so I’m assuming I lost a little more of the scab. I’ve been sucking on ice chips the past few days and it really feels nice on my throat. I ate applesauce and soup today with a little ease. I’ve notice my ears get worse when I eat. I was craving pizza tonight and it was sitting on the counter (my family had it for dinner), so, I decided to be a champ and try it. I was able to eat all of the toppings off of a slice of pizza minus the spicy pepperoni. Let me tell you, it was a blessing! I tried gargling with cold water and even though I refuse to look at my throat, I can tell that it feel fresher and cleaner. Good news – I was able to swallow the amoxicillin today; it feels awesome because if I had to eat another cup of jell-o and medication, I’d die! Fifth day post-op and I actually stepped foot out of my house today. Since we have a huge snow storm, I had to make sure I was fully covered. Nevertheless, even though I only sat in the car, it felt good – it was progress! I was told that taking a warm shower before bed will help moisten my throat and potentially prevent coughing at night, so I tried it.

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day 6 scabs bleeding

Tonsillectomy Day 6 scabs Healing

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : Day 6 and the pain is just about the same as yesterday, but that relentless ache is exusting. I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train) but when I am tired and weak and freaking out because my Mom went home and my husband decided to sleep in this morning leaving me to take care of my nearly 7 year old son…. Well, I got a little teary.
My husband took a gander at my throat today and declaired it “gross, but healing.

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : Day 6 = Ouch = (Are you concerned about pain medicine addiction? Read more…

Pain medicine addiction

Pain Medicine Addiction?

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : day 6 here and I have to say, it definitely has been the hardest two days so far.  I am spent and am sick of not eating the way i want to.  I have been sticking to cold drinks and liquid meals.  Spoke with my PA today and she said to do my best to keep the scabs on for a minimum 10days by drinking tons of liquids.  The longer they stay on, the better the new skin underneath will be…so I am doing all I can to keep these puppies attached.  I have given up on eating anything warm or slightly solid,I just want this over with!!

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : Yeah, so I slept for about 12 hours. But now I think sleeping that long was the worst idea ever! My hot pot ran out of water and I wasn’t sipping on water for those 12 hours. I just drank a smoothie mix every 4 hours to take my meds. I woke up with about 8/10 pain, tried to get up and passed out in the hallway. Oh Joy! My ears are killing me!

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : Side note, i have lost like 12 lbs. Probably not healthily as all i have consumed it water, gatorade, jello and apple sauce. Those products are not known for their nutritional content. I have made two healthy juice drinks using my juicer, but don’t think that compensates for the lack of nutrients for the last week.

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : The pain is rather terrible today, it was much worse last night.
At about 3am i woke up with pain, it was as if someone was stabbing my throat with a needle or pin
and i woke up this morning with blood in my mouth. Not a lot but it still scared me! I rinsed my mouth with ice water and sucked a piece of ice and it stopped.

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : Day 6- good morning, post op appt- stints in nose removed, I can BREATHE again :) went shopping at the mall for a few hours after- got home exhausted & later in pain ;(

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : Recovery Day 6 (post-op day 7):
Another day filled with pain. Was able to drink an ensure today but did not eat much. Was able to eat some popsicles. During the evening time had horrible pain shooting from the right side of my throat and it felt like a burning feeling when I would drink anything almost as if I was drinking acid even when I drank water. Had to take a bit more Lortab to curve the pain. Looked at my throat with a flashlight for the first time since the surgery and it looked like a battle zone in there. Lots of white coating all over the tonsil beds and my uvula is still swollen very large and kind of sticking to one of the sides of my throat. Could see the white scabs as well.

Tonsillectomy Day 6 : Day 6: I cried over applesauce and pudding. It hurts to swallow, I can’t yawn and just try to blow your nose without wanting to fall over and die. This pain is ridiculous. I woke up in the middle of the night with a dry throat and more pain than I could imagine so I dragged myself downstairs and forced down some pain meds to help me take the pain.

Tonsillectomy Day 6 :day 6 of my recovery and in the worst pain ever. I thought I was on the mend, only having pain on the one side but then I started to cough, and it kept me up all of last night and all of that white membrane over teh surgery site is starting to come off as well as some of the scabs… is that normal? I am very scared that with my coughing it’s going to cause issues that will result in another surgery.

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13 thoughts on “Tonsillectomy Scabs

  1. GregT Post author

    Hello Beautiful. (lol) I know it’s rough. Remember that this is temporary. Keep drinking liquids, try icing, run a humidifier, sleep upright, and take the pain meds on schedule.

  2. Janet

    This is day 5 for me been doing better than expected…which means I’ve been able to eat pretty well since day one….problem is I haven’t been able to have a BM. Feeling kind of miserable from that and today the pain in throat and ears is worse hard to swallow now. my question how did people handle the constipation problem? thanks

    1. Chelsea

      I had the same problem and took 1 dose of MiraLax for a couple of days. I had never taken anything like it as I have been terrified of anything that has the word laxative in it, but MiraLax was great. No stomach cramps, no sudden urges to go, no “over-correction” of sorts. It felt completely natural.

  3. Mairi

    for me the scabs weren’t as bad as they were for others, i religiously ate toast all theough my recovery, dry toast might i add, and sure it felt like i was swallowing a brillo pad, but it cleansed the scabs as they formed and actually made the scabbing and peeling process less painful than most people say (:

    1. Rebecca

      Hello all.
      I had my surgery on Thursday morning and it’s now Tuesday so I am now 6 days post op. Again, days 1-3 were fairly tolerable and I was able to eat and drink in small quantities some soups and cereals etc. I was also advised to eat toast and so have been doing that as much as possible despite the pain. Yesterday and today are by far the worst. I was in tears yesterday with the pure stinging coming from the back of my throat (still not 100% sure why this is) and woke up with the same pain this morning. Have also got swelling, neck, jaw and war pain! Also to top it off, Mother Nature decided to give me my monthly right at this time, just in case I didn’t have enough to deal with!
      Pain meds are difficult for me. I like in the UK and I am taking two paracetamol every four hours. However the other pain med I was prescribed is only suppose to be taken with food, and eating is completely out of the question at the moment so I’m basically living on paracetamol which isn’t doing the job.
      I’ve tried the ice pack, eating toast and chewing gum which were all recommended but nothing seems to work. I can’t talk without a stinging pain and even drinking water is agonising.
      My partner had to go back to work and so I’m all alone, feeling very upset and down! I know it’s suppose to get better soon but my God, hurry up!!!!
      Hope you’re all coping well x

    2. Corrin wagner

      Worst pain of my life. I’m so nauseous from the pain meds even when I’m taking a nausea pill. Day 6 is no better than yesterday, when will this get better???? Can barely swallow water, feel like going to get hydrated at the emergency room :( keep a cool ice pack on your throat/ jaw.. Works great. KEEP PRAYING!!

  4. Tricia

    I had my tonsilectomy and andoidectomy done Tuesday April 14, a week ago. 2 nights ago I had complications… blood everywhere so to the ER I go, and surgery again. I haven’t eaten since Monday and strangely am not hungry at all. I have only been able to intake water, ice chip, and little popsicles. I Have Tried Milkshakes, smoothies, ice cream, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, Soup, all failed once the obstruction of my throat was met and unable to go down causing drowning and additional to the already horrendous. Cough. The phlem buildup is immeasurable, for God’s sake if I drank too much the first days it came out of my nose. Although I am not hungry, common sense. Forces me to try I need nutrients and want to eat but t he obstruction won’t slide down of course technically one side is 7 days post op, the other is 1 day post op. The pain really isn’t bad other then piercing ear pain… my jaws calmed down, I can breath through my nose except at night- big deal I hate mouth breathing. I got new pain meds… the codeine with Tylenol burned so badly I thought the pain outweighed the small relief. However these pills can be crushed in the ice chips like i did the codeine but no burn.

  5. louisej

    Im on day 5 after operation and feel fed up cant get a good night sleep so i been taking nytol and wake up in pain at about 4am and have to take panadol and use the antiseptic spray. The spray leaves a horrible taste and no matter how much i brush floss or use mouthwash i feel like my breath stinks. I found chopped tomatoes poored over two pieces of toast is the most ive been able to eat and my stomach just keeps growling at me but cant deal with the pain and eating is just exhausting takes about an hour to clear something that usually would take ten mins. I found lemon water helps and lots of ice.

  6. Madia

    Ok so i had my tonsillectomy last wednesday,so today is day 7 for me. Woke up with the normal needle piercing pain in my throat, it feels dry so immediately i woke up i drunk some water to hydrate then also inserted my supposetory which actually is the only remedy that calms down my pain after a 1 to 4 were horrible for me i just really want this pain to gi away soon i haven’t checked my scabs build up yet i am just scared this wound will never heal:( please re assure me

    1. GregT Post author

      Hi Madia,
      I remember being where you are- it’s rough! Day 7 or 8 were about the worst for me. You’re getting close. There is light at the end of this tunnel. Soon you will feel much better. Hang in there, and keep drinking fluids.

      Do you run a humidifier? I recommend it.

      Take care

  7. andy

    I am currently at day 6 and was really glad to see i was not alone with the pain and discomfort of the while procedure. Yesterday i took three painkillers (2 co-codamol, 1 naproxyn). This in itself was an ordeal that I would not like to repeat. The pain from swallowing them was the most intense I have ever felt and I couldn’t drink anything or swallow at all. I woke up early again due to sore, dry mouth and wouldn’t contemplate any water due to the pain. After a while I had to get some meds back in me but this time I ground the same meds up and had it i some honey yoghurt. it tasted pretty vile but the results have been amazing, wether its was the ground tablets having an immediate affect to the throat area or not I do not know but I could swallow and more importantly I could eat. No usual jaw ache either. I’m hoping this is a turning point for me and I will be dosing in this manner again if need be. People told me it would be sore and I took it for granted I could handle it. If only i knew!!!

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